Our flower farm journey began in 2014 when we found it quite difficult to source locally-grown and organically-grown flowers for our wedding! We learnt that although the majority of flowers purchased in the Melbourne area are grown within Australia, most have been heavily sprayed with pesticides, synthetic fertlizers, or harmful chemicals. This, along with our passion to use our beautiful piece of land to support our family, gave rise to the creation of Fleurs de Lyonville.

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Our flowers are noticeably different from those you will normally see for sale at the grocery stores and wholesale markets. We are immensely proud that when you buy our flowers, you will see beautiful little beneficial insects such as ladybirds crawling among the petals! It is hard work looking after our crops organically, but we take a lot of satisfaction when our customers comment on how they feel their children are ‘safe’ running through our flower patch and handling our blooms.

our flowers - fleurs de lyonville

As we only supply to the local area, you know that our flowers will be incredibly fresh and long-lasting, and can have piece of mind that they have not been delivered from a great distance, reducing their carbon footprint. We grow flowers that do well in our climate and don’t go out of our way to ‘cheat’ when it comes to a flower’s natural growing season and conditions.

our flowers - fleurs de lyonville

We grow and design flowers to sell to a variety of local florists and artisan groceries, and hope to very soon begin selling at Accredited Farmer’s Markets in the Melbourne region. We offer DIY wedding buckets in collaboration with other ‘bee-friendly’ micro flower farms near to us, and in the near future, will be offering a full wedding service for brides-to-be.

our flowers - fleurs de lyonville

And here's where you can find our flowers:

From Our Farm Stall

The Fleurs de Lyonville Farm Stall is open on weekends with an always-changing selection.
See our Contact page for where we're located.

From Dos Deli

2/97 Vincent St, DaylesfordPhone: 03 5348 3756

Local Farmers' Markets

Come see us at Melbourne-area farmers' markets in the next growing season!

Direct to the Public and Wholesale

We are happy to supply florists, wedding planners, B&Bs, or brides-to-be with cut flowers or arrangements. Just email us for more details.
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