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Dahlia ~ Nugget


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Flowertype: decorative dahlia

Dahlia Nugget is a deep rich burgundy – almost black. We team it with soft pinks and peaches for impact when arranging. Dries extremely well, keeping its’ deep colour. Stems can sometimes be a little bendy but the bloom itself holds well.

How to Grow

Dahlias prefer to grow in full sun. After the risk of frost has passed, plant the tuber horizontal under the soil at about 15cm deep and 30cm- 45cm apart. Once the dahlia shoots begin to appear above the soil you can then start to water them. They prefer regular watering from low to the ground (eg drippers) and not overhead spraying so that the petals aren’t marked. Dahlias need to be staked or corralled for support as the plant matures. Days to maturity 80-120 days.

There is a $0.50 charge on each tuber for shipping costs.

Please note that dahlia tubers will not be shipped until early spring, once the ‘eyes’ are showing, guaranteeing you a healthy, productive tuber.

N.B. Regrettably, we cannot send tubers to Western Australia and Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions.

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