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Lunaria biennis

Seed packet consists of approx. 60 seeds

How to Grow

This hardy biennial should be sown in autumn or early spring. Seed can be directly sown into your garden or in a warm place indoors (if you don’t have a heat mat, leave them on your window sill). Once sown, cover the seed with a light dusting of compost and water in well. As they are biennial, they will flower in their second year.

How to Dry

This classically dried translucent seedpod is best picked when the seed pods are green and are turning to brown (or wait until they are shimmery silver). I find picking them while they are green/ brown means they are less at risk of being damaged by the weather or pests. Hang them to dry when they are green (if you have left them to the shimmery, silver stage you can use them straight away). If the shell on the seedpod hasn’t fallen off on its own, gently rub them between your fingers.

N.B. Regrettably, we cannot send seeds to Western Australia and Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions.

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