Paper Daisy


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Rhodanthe chlorocephala subspecies: rosea

How to Grow

Roughly scatter the paper daisy seeds in your garden for mass display. They need light to germinate, so do not cover after spreading them. Always water in your seeds. They take 14-21 days until germination and the seedlings may need to be thinned out. Best sow in autumn for a delightful spring display.

How to Dry

Pick the paper daisies once the flowers are fully open. Bundle them into bunches of around 20 stems and hang them to dry. Sometimes paper daises have a soft stem. You can wire them before they are fully dry. Always hang them upside down in a cool, dry area, with minimal to zero sunlight. Hang them until they are completely dry. These native Australian wildflowers dry beautifully and don’t diminish or fade in colour.

A seed packet consists of approximately 500 seeds.

N.B. Regrettably, we cannot send seeds to Western Australia and Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions.

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