Peony Poppy


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P. paeoniflorium

This seed packet consists of approximately 50 seeds.

How to Grow

Poppies do not like their roots disturbed and therefore it is best to direct sow straight into your garden. They are a hardy annual, meaning they can handle frosty areas. Sow 50cm apart in full sun to part shade in autumn for a stunning spring show. Peony poppies look fantastic planted en masse with stunning large ruffled flower heads. They come in a range of colours from white, red, purple, pink and black.

How to Dry

Harvest the poppy seedpod once the seedpod has turned a light brown colour. Hang seedpod heads upside down in a cool, dry area, with minimal to zero sunlight. I try to collect my seeds before turning them upside down. Continue to hang until they completely dry. Please note that seedpods have thousands of seeds inside that can make a great mess if they are knocked around once dry!

N.B. Regrettably, we cannot send seeds to Western Australia and Tasmania due to quarantine restrictions.

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